Netfixx is your solution to complete information, communications and electrical infrastructure of small and medium enterprises from a single source. Through the integration our main areas of activity, Netfixx ensure that the planning, project management, implementation and training to support all required block in perfect harmony in your home, office, business etc.

Preventive Maintenance

With a special emphasis on safe operation for our customers systems, Netfixx offers preventive maintenance and inspection according to the needs of each customer:

Preventive maintenance includes:

·         condition-based maintenance to optimize the use of parts

·         Removing dirt, as this has a negative impact on the reliability of the machines and equipment

·         Lubrication and adjustment of moving parts of machines and equipment, if necessary

·         Checking of safety devices of machines and equipment

·         Checking the electrical components and automation of machinery and equipment

·         Provision of measuring devices and tools that are necessary for the maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

For a lower cost maintenance Netfixx  provides also reactive maintenance which has benefits as following:

·         Lower initial costs – As your systems are new, they require little maintenance so you save on parts and emergency labour.

·         Requires fewer staff – Complex repairs tend to be outsourced reducing the need for internal staff.

·         No planning needed – Technicians repair equipment when it fails. As fails are unpredictable, no time is spent planning the repairs.

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