At Netfixx we think that wireless networks should provide a level of service to our customers that are as reliable, fast and secure as we can possibly make them with existing and current technologies.

While wireless networks seldom reach the speed and reliability expected from a hard wired network, they do provide a level of freedom that has become expected for those using mobile devices.

One of the biggest problems in creating a stable and reliable wireless infrastructure is interference from other wireless networks and radio sources, we can check to see whether this could be a problem and find a solution that will overcome this type of problem.

Another issue that regularly cause connection issues is the building itself, the more that there is in the way between access points and devices, the more the signal gets depleted, additional access points can overcome this type of issue.

Wireless WiFi can also provide a service to devices that would be too costly to provide a hard wire network connection to.

Netfixx can install and set-up Wireless Access Points throughout your property reaching all of your customers or staff.

Whether you're your buildings are concerned with manufacturing, are a warehouse, a hotel, a schools or college, a hospital or an office facility, we can provide the perfect set-up to allow seamless, reliable and secure communication throughout the property.

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